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If you are interested in spending your holiday in our Guest-house, please download
the enclosed Order-list, fill it up and send to our Fax No. 00421 (44)5594165
or e –mail We will carry out your order as soon as possible and afterwards we will contact you.
by phone, fax or e- mail. By booking , during the season and The New Year holiday or
Easter, we will ask you for a payment in advance in the amount of 50% of the price of ordered services. The same amount is valid by booking out of season, when the stay
exceeds 2 nights.
The advanced money is asked to be paid by a bank settlement on our account :
TATRA BANKA a.s Account No. 2629000111/ 1100
IBAN : 2311000000002629000111
Swift code: TATR SK BX

One more important information. In the Guest- house is not possible to use a credit card.

In case when the guest cancels ordered stay, 7 days before confirmed arrival and in a shorter time, the Guest-house has the right to request for cancellation- fee in the amount of 25% of the price of the stay
By the cancellation in the day of arrival is the cancellation-fee 50% of the price of the stay. The cancellation of The New Year Holiday and Easter 10 days before a confirmed arrival and in shorter time, is the cancellation -fee 100%.
Because the guest-house is situated in the mountain area (920 metres above sea level) in winter season we recommend to our car-guests to bring
snow chains.

We remark, that the domestic animals is not possible to locate in the Guest –house
or in holiday flats.